Goldstone Report

CMEP Reconsiders the Goldstone Report

In its recent newsletter, Churches for Middle East Peace covered the controversy surrounding the Goldstone Report in a relatively straightforward manner.

Goldstone Retracts, Human Rights Watch Attacks

One might hope that Richard Goldstone's retraction of charges his report leveled against Israel would cause the report's advocates to reconsider their position. But Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth responds by launching more accusations at Israel.

Updated: The Goldstone Report and the New York Times

On Sunday, April 3, the Washington Post published a bombshell Op-Ed by Richard Goldstone in which he repudiated the central and most slanderous finding of the anti-Israel United Nations report that bears his name. But the New York Times — on both its opinion and news pages — seems to be trying to minimize the impact of his recanting.

CMEP Invoked Goldstone Then – Says Nothing Now

Churches for Middle East Peace invoked the Goldstone Report as the Gospel truth about Operation Cast Lead but has not taken notice of the recent admission from its chief author that he got it wrong.

Hamas’ Revelation Undermines Key Conclusion of Goldstone Report

Gaza War HamasHamas Minister Fathi Hamad revealed that 600-700 Hamas and affiliated fighters were lost in the Israeli Cast Lead operation, refuting the claim, given credence in the Goldstone Report, that Palestinian fatalities were overwhelmingly non-combatants.  

Cloud of Questions Over Ha’aretz’s White Phosphorous Story

Ha'aretz's most prominent headline and lead story today claim an Israeli government reports says that two army officers were disciplined "for using white phosphorous." In fact, the report said the reprimand was for unjustified artillery fire.