CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Covers for UNRWA, Again

Compelling evidence has emerged indicating that UNRWA employees took part in the October 7 massacre. As CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, this is part of a long-standing pattern at the UN agency. The Washington Post, however, ignores the long history, and sordid mission, of UNRWA.

NY Times Entombs Criticism of UNRWA

Buried 18 meters under a United Nations headquarters in the Gaza Strip is a Hamas tunnel and data center, Israeli army engineers announced on Saturday. That’s also how deep, in paragraphs, the New York Times buried news of the discovery.

CAMERA Op-Ed: UNRWA’s Problematic History

On October 7, UN employees helped perpetrate the largest massacre of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Times this revelation is as unsurprising as it is infuriating. UNRWA is part of the problem, not the solution.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Does UNRWA Deserve a Role in Rebuilding Gaza?

Employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency took part in the October 7 massacre. This revelation came the day after the U.S. State Department suggested that UNRWA should play a role in rebuilding Gaza. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner UNRWA should be persona non grata.

NPR Complicit in UNRWA Underreporting of Aid Trucks

Now that Israel has opened the Kerem Shalom crossing, UNRWA's Phillippe Lazzarini underreports the amount of aid passing through and ignores a new route for Jordanian aid. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly collegially plays along, repeatedly "correcting" President Herzog.

Human Rights Watch and its Tunnel Deceptions — Updated with UNRWA Confirmation

Human Rights Watch repeatedly scoffs at IDF claims that there are Hamas tunnels under Gaza, saying that HRW’s investigators could find no trace of these supposed tunnels. However, Israeli journalist Gal Berger reports that the UN is worried about such tunnels undermining their school's foundations, but Hamas is preventing UN experts from checking. If Hamas won't let the UN check for tunnels, did they really let HRW check?

Another Deception Discovered in “‘Til Kingdom Come”

Filmmakers Maya Zinshtein and Abraham (Abie) Troen did the the same thing to David Brog that they did to former U.S. President Donald Trump. They altered what he said in a manner that fundamentally changes the meaning of what he said at a 2018 meeting of Christians United for Israel.

PBS’ NewsHour Joins the Fundraising Campaign on Behalf of UNRWA

While the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine is grappling with a serious funding shortfall, the controversial organization enjoys vast marketing and public relations resources, drawing on the support of sympathetic journalists. PBS' NewsHour is the latest media outlet to join the campaign.