International Organizations & Campaigns Against Israel

ICC Prosecutor Seeks to Effectively Rob Israel of its Legitimate Right to Self-Defense

Military experts have attested that Israel is taking every possible step to avoid harm to civilians, while conducting a legitimate and necessary war of self-defense. To characterize this as “extermination” or “murder,” and to use it to justify international legal action against Israel's leaders, is to twist morality on its head.

Hamas Flag Shows Up On NYC Street, But Not in AFP Caption

UPDATE: CAMERA prompts correction of an AFP photograph caption which whitewashed a New York City demonstrator waving a Hamas flag and sporting a Hamas headband as a "Pro-Palestinian demonstrator." The corrected caption now identifies him as a "Hamas supporter."

Hamas Propaganda by Doctors Without Borders, Courtesy of PBS Newshour

PBS is peddling Hamas propaganda via representatives from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known by its English translation, “Doctors Without Borders.” Representatives are accusing Israel of war crimes and demanding a ceasefire while denying Hamas' role in the war.

CNN Leaves ICC Prosecutor’s Questionable Claims Unchallenged

Media outlets, including CNN, cannot simply treat UN and ICC figures as neutral, unbiased sources whose claims can be left uncontextualized or unchallenged. In times of war, journalists must be extra careful, too. To do otherwise is to risk playing a part in Hamas’ cynical use of human shields and civilian deaths.