International Organizations & Campaigns Against Israel

      Q & A on the ‘Apartheid’ Slur

      Some questions and answers about the campaign to slur Israel as an apartheid state and to rid the world of its one Jewish state.

      Mehdi Hasan Conflicts With His Own Sources

      While conflicting sources is a common phenomenon in journalism, it's not often that a journalist directly contradicts his own sources, passing them off as substantiation when they are just the opposite.

      Amnesty’s Slander: Why Now? And For What Purpose?

      Amnesty International’s recent scandalous report accusing Israel of “apartheid,” as well as a similar report from Human Rights Watch a year ago, are unsurprisingly overflowing with falsehoods and bigotry. Many outstanding analysts have already thoroughly debunked each of these reports. What also must be addressed, however, is the surrounding context of this slander. Why are they being released now? What purpose are they supposed to serve?

      CAMERA Op-Ed: Amnesty, the Media, and Waving Narratives in the Air

      Amnesty is counting on lazy journalists and politicians to pick up the report and wave it around, picking out a random quote a staffer found that suggests Israel is a racist endeavor. They also know too few journalists these days are willing and able to perform serious journalism and ask the tough questions...