US-Israel Relations and Aid

CBS Falsely Reports U.S. Warned Israel Not To Attack Rafah

CBS's Deborah Patta falsely reported that Netanyahu "stubbornly refuses to listen" to his American interlocutors. But the Israeli Prime Minister's order to devise an evacuation plan for Rafah's civilians means that he listened very attentively. The U.S. exhorted Israel to prepare a solid plan to protect Rafah's civilians before carrying out a military operation. The Biden administration did not tell Israel not to attack Rafah.

NBC Errs on Rafah Crossing, U.S. Message to Israel on Civilians

NBC falsely reports that Secretary of State Blinken encouraged Israel "not to target civilians." While the US administration urges Israel to minimize civilian casualties and to allow humanitarian assistance, it knows full well that Israel, unlike Hamas, does not target civlians. And, no, the Palestinian Authority does not control the Rafah crossing. Hamas does.

CAMERA Op-Ed: A Historian Who Forgets History

Writing in Foreign Policy magazine, British historian Avi Shlaim faults both Israel and the United States for the failure to achieve a Palestinian state. Shlaim asserts that U.S. must pressure the Jewish state in order to achieve peace. But, as CAMERA tells JNS readers, the historian's reading of history is both selective and disingenuous.