The Facts About Hamas

News the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are to form a unity government calls for reminders about who Hamas is and why it is deemed a terrorist group.

Hamas Charter

Hamas' targeting of Jewish civilians is part and parcel of its mission — as set out in its governing Covenant or Charter —   to "fight the Jews and kill them and to replace Israel with an Islamic state. According to the Charter, any type of peace negotiation and diplomatic end to the conflict "stand in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement."

The Hill Declining: Rising’s Jessica Burbank & The Peace-Loving Houthis

According to Jessica Burbank, the Houthis are peace activists targeting ships bringing weapons to Israel, some 23 percent of Gaza's young women have been sexually assaulted by IDF soldiers, Hamas doesn't operate in the West Bank and US intelligence agencies are wrong about Hamas' command center in Shifa hospital.

Snip, Snip: AP Cleans Up Slain Hamas Member Osaid Rimawi

AP runs more than 1200 words on the Israeli military's allegedly unprovoked fatal shooting of Osaid Rimawi, "a high school student studying to become a barber," never once mentioning that he was a Hamas member.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Messages Behind Israel’s Beirut Strike

An Israeli strike in Beirut took out top Hamas operatives, including Saleh Al-Arouri. CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner that the strike is about more than eliminating a top Hamas commander, it is also about sending a message to terrorists: those responsible for October 7th will be held accountable.

More Hamas Advocacy on PBS NewsHour

As a recipient of  federal funding, PBS must comply with the federal statute requiring strict adherence to objectivity and balance in programs of a controversial nature. Yet PBS Newshour continues to present one-sided segments with guests who shill for Hamas.