The Facts About Hamas

News the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are to form a unity government calls for reminders about who Hamas is and why it is deemed a terrorist group.

Hamas Charter

Hamas' targeting of Jewish civilians is part and parcel of its mission — as set out in its governing Covenant or Charter —   to "fight the Jews and kill them and to replace Israel with an Islamic state. According to the Charter, any type of peace negotiation and diplomatic end to the conflict "stand in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement."

CAMERA Op-Ed: The United Nations Helps Hamas

The United Nations is a key component in Hamas's war to destroy the Jewish state. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Times, the UN provides cover for the terrorist group. The press should not grant the UN undue credibility.

The Washington Post Makes Hamas Claims Appear and Disappear

The Washington Post continues to uncritically regurgitate claims from Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group. This has led to numerous embarrassing moments. Recently, the newspaper chose to delete an entire story that was entirely based on Hamas sources

‘Gaza Strikes Back’: UPI Hits Rock Bottom

"Gaza strikes back at Israel after enduring months of war" was the United Press International headline whose relationship to reality mirrors that of George Lucas' "The Empire Strikes Back" science fiction favorite.
A chart comparing civilian deaths during the 2003 invasion of and the start of the 2023 Gaza war shows a higher rate in Iraq.

Iraq 2003 and Gaza 2023

Journalists have often contrasted the fighting in Gaza with the American fighting in Iraq. They have often done so misleadingly. We take a closer look.

Hamas Flag Shows Up On NYC Street, But Not in AFP Caption

UPDATE: CAMERA prompts corrections of AFP and Getty photograph captions which whitewashed a New York City demonstrator waving a Hamas flag and sporting a Hamas headband as a "[p]ro-Palestinian" demonstrator. The corrected captions make his Hamas affiliation clear.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Leaving Hamas in Rafah Saves the Terrorist Group

As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, Hamas can’t be eliminated unless the IDF launches an operation in Rafah. While some in the U.S. have questioned the wisdom of such a move, allowing Hamas to remain in Rafah effectively preserves the terrorist group.

Tucker Carlson’s assault on American Christian support for Israel

Under the guise of advocating for Palestinian Christians, Tucker Carlson launched a two-pronged assault on American Christian support for the Jewish State. To provide legitimacy for his campaign, he enlisted the help of Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, a notorious propagandist for the Palestinian anti-Israel narrative.