Michael Oren: Media Perpetuate Hamas Strategy

In a Washington Post op-ed, Israel's ambassador to the United States writes, “Hamas knows that it cannot destroy us militarily but believes that it might do so through the media."

Timeline of Gaza-Israel Cross-Border Violence

The Israeli Defense Forces "Pillar of Defense" Operation., was launched with the targeting of Ahmed Jabari, the leader of Hamas' terrorist wing. Many media outlets, however, forget the sequence of events that led to this operation.  CAMERA provides a timeline of events. We will continue to update this timeline.

The New York Times’ Broken Moral Compass

The New York Times indicts the morality of Israeli society on page one, above the fold. Isabel Kershner writes that "the poisoned political environment around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has affected the moral compass of youths growing up within it."

NPR Sidelines All Fayyad’s Internal Palestinian Worries

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro’s interview with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad typifies all that is wrong with NPR coverage on Israel: it is shallow, one-sided, and focuses on narratives in which only Israel can be blamed.

LA Times Soft-Pedals Hamas Terrorist Agenda

The Los Angeles Times once again extends a platform to Hamas. In an interview with Hamas official Ghazi Hamad, Edmund Sanders never once notes that the U.S., E.U., and Israel regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The New York Times Has Tunnel Vision on the Gaza Tunnels

The Times publishes a puff piece that ignores the insidious truth about the smuggling tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Worse still, the story is yet another example of the editors' penchant for humanizing Palestinian Arabs while demonizing Israelis.

Hamas “Phased Plan” is not an Oxymoron

It's time that newspapers and professors stop being baffled every time Hamas suggests it will accept a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a step toward replacing Israel with an Islamic state.