Six-Day War (1967)

CNN Rewrites History of 1948, 1967 Wars

CNN's Sam Kiley rewrites the history of Israel's War of Independence and the Six-Day War, absurdly claiming that they were fought "to expand territory." In fact, they were fought to prevent Arab attempts to annihilate the Jewish state.

BBC Promotes Distorted Account of Six-Day-War

BBC's Jeremy Bowen promotes the anti-historical account that the Six Day War was a war of choice for Israel and that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict arose as a result of that war.

CNN Rebroadcasts “God’s Jewish Warriors” with Revisions

On October 31, CNN rebroadcast "God's Jewish Warriors" for the first time since late August. While serious factual errors identified by CAMERA were addressed and many editorial changes made, the fundamentally dishonest premise of the series remains.

Exposing Mazin Qumsiyeh’s Falsehoods

The Brookline Tab carried a CAMERA guest commentary on Palestinian activist Mazin Qumsiyeh (Oct. 4, 2007), exposing his extremist message.