Terrorism, Terrorists
and Terrorist Groups

The New York Times Diminishes Palestinian Terrorism

In another example of how the newspaper covers up Palestinian responsibility for the conflict, Palestinian Islamic Jihad's terrorism is downplayed and presented as "resistance" to the "Israeli occupation."

NPR Covers Up Islamic Jihad Casualties

NPR covers ups casualties among Islamic Jihad members launching rockets by falsely reporting they were killed as bystanders in the initial strike against their commander.

AFP’s “Tit-for-Tat” Falsehood

With the insertion of just three words, Agence France Presse manages to completely distort the very nature of Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket attacks against Israeli civilians and the Israeli army's air strikes targeting terrorists and their weaponry. Thus, numerous AFP articles and captions today refer to the violent exchange as "tit-for-tat," language which denotes equivalency.

NY Post Remaps Israeli Highway Under Fire

UPDATED: Islamic Jihad fired a rocket which slammed into a highway in Gan Yavne, in central Israel, narrowly missing passing cars. CAMERA prompts correction after The New York Post incorrectly located that intersection "near Israel-Gaza border."

AFP Caption Whitewashes Islamic Jihad Terrorist

An Agence France Presse photo caption whitewashes an Islamic Jihad terrorist killed while he was reportedly preparing to fire rockets at Israel, saying only that Mohammed Hamuda was a Palestinian killed in an Israeli air strike.