Terrorism, Terrorists
and Terrorist Groups

NYT Veers From Downplaying Palestinian Terrorism — But Only Online

Amidst mounting Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians, Times correspondent Isabel Kershner presents a thoughtful, first-hand account by an Israeli survivor of a Palestinian terror attack. This regrettably rare insight was excluded from the newspaper's print edition.

New York Times: Defending the Muslim Brotherhood

David Kirkpatrick's Sept. 10 article from Egypt, "Visiting Republicans Laud Egypt's Force," was presented as a straightforward news report but read more like an opinion piece advocating for the Muslim Brotherhood.

AFP’s Timeline of Bias, Redux

A lopsided AFP timeline outlining 20 years since the Oslo Accords recounts Israel's counter-terrorism actions while completely ignoring the Palestinian violence that prompted them.

Terrorist or Militant? Washington Post Wobbles Exemplify Media Confusion

After the barbarous murder of a by-passer on a London street by two men, one who delivered a jihadist rant, a USA Today (May 24) analysis said "the word 'terror' has become politically charged." But not journalistically, if accuracy matters. Regardless, Washington Post practice continues to confuse.