CAMERA Op-Ed: The Palestinian Authority is Ill-Prepared to Govern Gaza

Some policymakers and press outlets have argued that the Palestinian Authority should rule Gaza after Hamas loses control. But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, this notion is fraught with peril. The PA has rejected peace, supported terrorism and failed to uphold order in the areas that it presently controls.

CNN Tells Only Part of the Story on Palestinian Attitudes

CNN has a shaky relationship with polling data. Previously, Christiane Amanpour appears to have fabricated polling results. On July 14, however, CNN’s Abeer Salman took a slightly different track by using existing polling data, but only some of it.

The Washington Post Makes the Palestinian Authority Disappear

The Washington Post continues its long-standing magic trick of making the Palestinian Authority disappear. In fact, the Authority, which rules over the majority of Palestinians, is slowly eroding. The many media outlets who have refused to hold the PA accountable share the blame for its failures.

CAMERA Op-Ed: What Led Israel to Go Into Jenin

At the beginning of July, Israeli Defense Forces launched a major counterterrorist operation in Jenin. Many mainstream news outlets failed to provide essential context about the raid. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism, both implicit and otherwise, have given the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran, an opening to attack Israel.

Changing the Reality: Editorializing Out Front in AFP’s Bethlehem Hotel Story

Given that the Palestinian government has choices about how to spend its funds, AFP's assertion that "There are insufficient funds to meet the needs of the territory's intellectually disabled" is not a factual statement. It's editorializing. The PA has chosen terrorists over the intellectually disabled.