Land Issues:
Israeli, Palestinian and Bedouin

NY Times, B’Tselem Misinforms on Palestinians in Jordan Valley

In a pair of articles about the Jordan Valley, the New York Times echoed B'Tselem's false claim that Palestinians are unable to enter 85 percent of the region, and wrongly described the Palestinian village of Fasayil as sitting in Area C of the West Bank.

The LA Times, the Bedouin of Khan Al Ahmar and ‘Their Land’

"Bedouins in the West Bank hold fast to their land as pressure builds for them to leave" is a Los Angeles Times headline for a 1600 word feature about Khan Al Ahmar which fails to report a key piece of information: when exactly they arrived on "their land" east of Jerusalem.

Palestinian Supporters Get Duped By Avaaz Online Petition

A petition by the organization Avaaz, purportedly signed by over 800,000 people, claims Israel is bulldozing a brave community into the ground. Signatories to the petition aren't told much beyond that. Here are the facts.

Backgrounder on the Bedouin Land Dispute

A solution to the property claims of the Negev Beduin has so far defied resolution. The media fails to provide enough historical context to understand the arguments presented by both sides of the dispute.