MSNBC Mislabels Northern Israeli Communities ‘Settlements’

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Keir Simmons erroneously referred to locations which Hezbollah targeted within internationally-recognized Israeli territory as "settlements." While MSNBC agreed the terminology was wrong, the network declined to broadcast a correction.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Hezbollah’s Control of Lebanon

The press has failed to fully note the extent to which Hezbollah controls Lebanon. Indeed, as CAMERA tells Providence Magazine, the Lebanese Armed Forces have been caught cooperating with the terror group. This bodes poorly for the next Israel-Hezbollah War.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Messages Behind Israel’s Beirut Strike

An Israeli strike in Beirut took out top Hamas operatives, including Saleh Al-Arouri. CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner that the strike is about more than eliminating a top Hamas commander, it is also about sending a message to terrorists: those responsible for October 7th will be held accountable.