E-1 Building

      Updated: The “Contiguity” Double Standard

      After Israel approved building a new neighborhood in Ma'aleh Adumim, a few miles east of Jerusalem, many news reports wrongly indicated that such building would prevent Palestinians from controlling "contiguous territory" in the West Bank. 

      Haaretz Gets Lost On E-1 Construction, Contiguity

      Contradicting its own previous coverage as well as the actual geography, Haaretz erroneously reports that construction in the E-1 area, between Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim to the east, would divide the West Bank in two.

      E-1 Building Does Not Cut West Bank in Two

      CAMERA letter in the Washington Jewish Week rebuts claim by J Street's Alan Elsner that building in the "E-1" corridor linking Jerusalem with Ma'ale Adumim "would cut the West Bank in two."

      CAMERA’s Letter to the Editor in USA TODAY

      USA TODAY ("Netanyahu's arrogance threatens peace prospects," December 6) blamed Israel and its prime minister, instead of repeated Palestinian rejections, for the absence of peace. CAMERA's December 11 letter to the editor spotlights the editorial's pretzel logic.

      Media Embrace E1 Falsehoods

      Instead of investigating activist claims that the building in E1 bisects the West Bank and cuts off access to Jerusalem, much of the media has simply echoed the false accusations.

      On the Lookout for Bias at NPR

      Although NPR coverage of Israel is not as slanted as it once was, recent examples of bias, like the piece on illegal construction in East Jerusalem by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, show that old habits die hard.

      Note to Media: Gilo Is in Jerusalem

      Yesterday, Israel approved the building of 900 homes in its capital, a move opposed by the United States, and incorrectly reported by some media outlets which described Gilo as in the West Bank.

      New York Times Implies Israel’s Road Plan is Racist

      A New York Times article about the construction of a divided highway meant to provide security for Israelis and territorial contiguity for Palestinians amounted to a partisan condemnation of Israeli policies.