Christian Issues

Tucker Carlson’s assault on American Christian support for Israel

Under the guise of advocating for Palestinian Christians, Tucker Carlson launched a two-pronged assault on American Christian support for the Jewish State. To provide legitimacy for his campaign, he enlisted the help of Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, a notorious propagandist for the Palestinian anti-Israel narrative.

Catholic Outlet in England Omits Crucial Fact from Tent of Nations Story

When Independent Catholic News published, nearly verbatim, a press statement from Churches for Middle East Peace about a brutal attack at a farm in the West Bank, it omitted a crucial sentence that revealed the attack was likely perpetrated by Arabs living nearby. In light of the omission and other articles published by ICN about the farm where the attack took place, readers might conclude the attack was perpetrated by Jews living nearby.

Presbyterian Leader Targets American Jews

In a video published in June, 2021, J. Herbert Nelson, II, the highest ranking elected official in the Presbyterian Church USA declared that his fellow Christians need to start looking at Jewish individuals in the United States who are supporting "evil" Israeli policies, which he characterized as “20th century slavery” and “some of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen.”

Christian Century Misreports Israel’s Response to Settler Violence While Downplaying Palestinian Attacks

In an article about Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (above), Christian Century misleads its readers about violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, falsely declaring that Israeli officials have not responded publicly to these attacks. The same article omits numerous attacks on Israelis, falsely declaring that Israeli attacks on Palestinians are "unprovoked." Why is the magazine omitting this context from its reportage on conflict in the Holy Land?