Christian Issues

Will Mart Green Come Clean about Bethlehem Movie?

Mart Green, a high-profile Evangelical philanthropist, paid for the production of a dishonest film called Little Town of Bethlehem. Will he do the right thing and disassociate himself from this ugly bit of propaganda?

The Presbyterian Church’s Enduring False Witness

The Presbyterian Church USA has been a persistent source of anti-Israel propaganda, much of it produced by the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the PCUSA, an organization created by the denomination's 2004 General Assembly.

Yet More Lies from Presbyterian Peacemakers

For the past few years, the Presbyterian Church USA has sold a dishonest booklet produced by the Israel Palestine Mission Network. Will the church's leaders act?

Gary Burge’s Missed Opportunity

Wheaton College Professor Gary Burge was given a second opportunity to provide his readers with a reliable and trustworthy text about Israel and the Palestinians, but he threw it away.

Washington Post Gives Ari Shavit Undeserved ‘Two-fer’

What did Washington Post columnists Sally Quinn and Richard Cohen have in common early in December? Lack of journalistic skepticism in helping Ari Shavit promote his new book that recycles false Israeli 'massacre' allegations and charges of 'nakba' dispossession.