Allegations and Libels

The Washington Post Covers Human Rights Abuses Committed by Palestinian Officials

The Washington Post highlights abuses by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. However, the paper's coverage of the topic is belated and seemingly spurred by its reliance on an anti-Israel NGO. Other draconian measures by Palestinian officials, such as their imprisonment and threats towards Palestinians who sell or rent land to Jews, are omitted by The Post.

2018: A New York Times Line

Despite continued promises of impartiality and accuracy, New York Times coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict has fallen short thus far in 2018.

Here's the latest from CAMERA's timeline, which keeps track of the newspaper's stumbles.

NPR Presents Another One-Sided Report

On Sept. 11 2018, NPR aired another one-sided piece that cast Israel in a negative light. The piece by Sandy Tolan, who has a history of stories slanted against Israel, was based entirely on the testimony of a Palestinian activist with no Israeli perspective.

Anti-Zionist Conspiracy Theories Seek the Mainstream

Anti-Zionist conspiracy theory literature is once again in the news. A book portraying the Jewish state as all-powerful and unscrupulous, entangled in global conspiracies, wars and influence-peddling was co-authored by Leslie Cockburn who is currently running as a candidate for Congress in the 5th District of Virginia.

CBS Boosts Barenboim’s Illusions About Israel

Symphony orchestra conductor Daniel Barenboim, a critic of Israel, believes that Middle East peace chances are enhanced by bringing young talented musicians together. But this ignores reality.