True and False Media Coverage of the Gaza War

On a used car lot, a customer walked around a vehicle. In the time it took for him to peer through a window and rub a smudge, a salesman appeared, ready with his pitch: “This one will sell fast.”

The customer looked puzzled. “Your ad says this car has every safety feature imaginable. But….,” he said, waving his hand in the direction of the aging sedan.

“That’s right,” the salesman responded, summoning up the confidence to defend the indefensible. “Seatbelts. Every safety feature imaginable in 1983.”

The exchange speaks volumes about what is being sold (junk); how it’s being sold (dishonestly); and more broadly, the need for a truth-in-advertising agency. It is also, as you might have gathered, an analogy.

Read the rest of CAMERA’s essay about media bias and the Gaza war in the Jerusalem Report

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