Borders, Security Barrier and Checkpoints

      The Stories Children (and The New York Times) Tell

      "Emotional stories" of Palestinian children "crossing the checkpoint on the bus ride in from East Jerusalem to West Jerusalem" are just that: emotional stories. The non-existence of the checkpoint in question begs the question: Did the children really tell the stories, or was that an embellishment on the part of the adult author, Ruth Ebenstein?
      Masked Palestinian holding Molotov cocktail.

      CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post’s Adelson Obituary Defends Hamas

      The Washington Post's obituary of Sheldon Adelson defames the the billionaire pro-Israel philanthropist, portraying him as sitting comfortably while, a few miles away, Palestinian "protesters" were wantonly slaughtered by Israel. In fact many of those "protesters" were terrorists taking part in a Hamas-orchestrated operation. The terror groups themselves admitted their involvement, even if the Washington Post won't.

      Forbes’ Fundraising Appeal on Behalf of UNRWA

      "UNRWA is extraordinary–with an amazing cadre of educators and staff that need support" is the message of what is essentially a Forbes fundraising appeal for the U.N. agency. Don't expect to read anything about anti-Israel incitement in schools, perpetuation of the conflict or mismanagement.

      Witnesses Dispute Claims Made By Breaking the Silence’s Joel Carmel

      Joel Carmel, featured in Business Insider, was an accomplished pro-Israel advocate in his British high school who made aliyah, joined the Israel Defense Forces, and now works for Breaking the Silence. Evidence, including testimony from a former classmate and soldiers who served with him, pokes gaping holes in his accounts about his Israel education and army service.

      Christian Science Monitor Corrects About ‘Electrified’ Fence

      In response to communication from CAMERA, The Christian Science Monitor corrected a Facebook post which falsely described Israel's West Bank security barrier as "electrified." Outfitted with electronic sensors and cameras for monitoring purposes, it is not "electrified."

      Delegitimizing Northern Kibbutz, AFP Calls It “Settlement”

      While in English AFP correctly identified Kibbutz Ma'anit, internationally recognized as located within Israel, the Arabic article falsely labeled the community as a "settlement," reflecting Islamist and leftist tendencies to delegitimize the entire Jewish state.