Borders, Security Barrier and Checkpoints

New York Times Magazine Cheerleads for Terror

Painting a sympathetic portrait of violent demonstrators, The New York Times Magazine 8,000-word cover story asks “Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start?” With all the cheerleading in the article, it seems the New York Times hopes so.

Another Front-Page Gaffe at Ha’aretz

Weeks after Ha'aretz published, and then corrected, the wildly inaccurate front-page apartheid poll article, the English edition runs an egregiously mislabeled map and a tendentious headline. Where are the editors?

Media Misreport on 1967 Ceasefire Lines

After a policy speech in which Barack Obama said the “1967 lines” should be the basis of a future border between Israelis and Palestinians, major media organizations wrongly announced that the president referenced “1967 borders.” The difference between the two terms — borders and lines — is extremely significant.

Time Adopts the Language of Anti-Israel Activists

Partisan activists call Israel's barrier a "wall" in hopes of evoking Berlin, call Palestinians the "natives" in hopes of casting Jews as colonial outsiders, and conflate Jewishness with Israeli citizenship to allege racism. Why is Time Magazine adopting their biased language?