Palestinian "Intifadas"

Naila and the Uprising (2017): A Film Review

PBS airs another one-sided film that reduces complex events into a simplistic morality tale of Palestinian heroes and Israeli villains. Like most other PBS films on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Naila and the Uprising conceals essential facts and presents a partisan version of events within a false framework.

AFP’s Timeline of Bias, Redux

A lopsided AFP timeline outlining 20 years since the Oslo Accords recounts Israel's counter-terrorism actions while completely ignoring the Palestinian violence that prompted them.

From the Telegraph, a Virtual How-To Guide for Anti-Israel Bias

The author may not have meant it to be so, but Adrian Blomfield’s recent article in the British Telegraph about tensions in Jerusalem could serve as a “How-To” guide for anti-Israel bias. It seems all the elements are there to skew public understanding of recent events in Israel’s capital.

New York Times Magazine Whitewashes Palestinian Kids’ TV

The New York Times' Magazine feature "Can the Muppets Make Friends in on the West Bank?" (October 4) misleads readers about the toxic nature of Palestinian television for children, which has gone so far as to teach its audience to want to "slaughter" Jews.