Hamas’ Account of a Boy’s Death: A Media Litmus Test

When the Israeli army disputed Hamas' account which blamed Israel for the death of 12-year-old Shady Abdel-Aal, AP rose to the journalistic challenge with accurate coverage. Reuters responsibly corrected when presented with information contradicting Hamas. AFP, in contrast, has yet to correct even as Hamas itself has backtracked.

Incomplete AP Captions on Israel Mislead

AP photo captions mislead with critical omissions: Israel identified a reported cultural center bombed in Gaza as a Hamas facility. Also, Prime Minister Netanyahu criticized protesters not only for waving Palestinian flags but also for chanting, "With blood and fire, we will redeem Palestine."

Fauxtography at Reuters: What Was Removed?

UPDATE, June 8: Reuters Posts Original Photos, Continuing to Justify Itself. Reuters, long faulted by CAMERA for its photographic bias, and the first news agency shown to be guilty of "fauxtography," has been exposed yet again!

CAMERA Op-Ed: Reuters Roots For the Palestinians

If any of the victims in the recent Palestinian/Israeli fighting deserved especially sympathetic media coverage, surely it would be 10-month-old Shalhevet Pas, shot dead in her baby carriage on March 26 by a Palestinian sniper, while her father, who was wounded in the attack, and her mother, watched in horror.

Reuters Photos the Picture of Bias

Reuters, a British news wire service, claims to be the world's largest international news and television agency with over 2,000 journalists, photographers and videographers in 151 countries, reporting daily in 24 languages to print media and reaching almost 20% of Internet users on over 900 websites - but unfortunately, their commitment to impartial coverage does not seem to extend to the Middle East.