Hamas Flag Shows Up On NYC Street, But Not in AFP Caption

UPDATE: CAMERA prompts corrections of AFP and Getty photograph captions which whitewashed a New York City demonstrator waving a Hamas flag and sporting a Hamas headband as a "[p]ro-Palestinian" demonstrator. The corrected captions make his Hamas affiliation clear.

AP Captions Strike Essential Info on Israeli Airstrikes

When a news picture fails to speak for itself, and the news caption fails to speak for it, news consumers lose out. AP captions ignore that Israeli airstrikes a) were in response to Palestinian rocket fire and b) targeted Hamas' rocket production facilities.

ISIS Flag in Jenin Induces AFP, AP Amnesia

From Iraq to Kashmir, Syria to Sri Lanka, and Lebanon to Afghanistan, AFP and AP have proven to be very well acquainted with the Islamic State flag. When an IS flag emerged last week at a Palestinian funeral in Jenin, why did the photo services suddenly seem to suffer a bout of amnesia?

Al Jazeera Palestine’s ‘Tantura Massacre’ Photo Fraud

Al Jazeera Palestine passes off a 1955 photograph from Algeria as documentation of an alleged Israeli massacre 1948 in Tantura, raising additional questions about the network's credibility with respect to the killing of Shireen Abu Aqleh.