With Akiva Eldar, the Facts Are a Minority

Ha'aretz's Akiva Eldar falsely attributes an unsubstantiated, erroneous figure to the Israeli Ministry of Finance in his bogus report that the Israeli government has acknowledged that Jews are a minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

LA Times Op-Ed Calls For Dismantlement of Jewish State

The Los Angeles Times publishes another Op-Ed calling for the dismantlement of the Jewish state. Jonathan Kuttab's piece makes ludicrous assumptions about the fate of a Jewish minority in a "binational state."

CAMERA Letter on Mideast Demographics in Washington Times

The letter asserts: "Your article 'Palestinians mull a majority' (Page 1, Feb. 27) notes, 'One group of Israeli researchers ... charge that the Palestinian census is riddled with mistakes.' However, it fails to explain why." The reasons are then listed.

UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility

Twice within two weeks, newspapers have had to correct false statements by anti-Israel activist Mazin Qumsiyeh. These two corrections, along with the many other erroneous statements by Qumsiyeh which have passed uncorrected, reveal a disregard for facts that should be a red flag for those considering reading–or publishing–his diatribes. Update: Qumsiyeh responds to CAMERA's critique.