The Academic Blacklisting of Israel, the Tantura Affair and Ilan Pappe

Academic boycott of Israeli universities by the British Association of University Teachers, among the first to jump onto the BDS bandwagon, was based in large part on charges relating to Zionist ideologue Ilan Pappé's unscholarly promotion of a contested claim of an Israeli-perpetrated massacre of Arabs in Tantura. What were the claims? How did Pappé promote them? And how was it used as a pretext for boycott?

Mainline Churches Embrace Burge’s False Narrative

In 2003, Pilgrim Press published a book that is filled with inaccuracies and sourcing problems. Despite these inaccuracies, it has been embraced by "peace" activists in the U.S as a trusted source of information.

The Washington Post Ignores the Facts on Pappé

The Washington Post's profile of lecturer Ilan Pappe did not provide key context about why he is so reviled in Israel. The feature negligently omitted to mention Pappe's very open rejection of historical facts.