CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times’ Jesus Problem

“When it comes to the religious future, you should follow the social trends, but also always expect the unexpected,” writes Ross Douthat in The New York Times opinion pages (“You Can’t Predict the Future of Religion,” Feb. 25). That’s prudent advice. Predicting the future in any discipline is always a precarious exercise.

In contrast, recounting the well-documented and basic biographical and geographical realities surrounding a historical figure central to a leading world religion should be a walk in the park, even for the Times’ opinions desk. All the more so when those historic facts have been carefully reviewed and laid out in two previous corrections published in the very same newspaper.
Nevertheless, the outlet once acclaimed as the “Paper of Record,” has wandered woefully astray from the historical record — and its own archives.
Read the rest of CAMERA’s Feb. 28, 2023 Times of Israel Op-Ed here.

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