Tamar Sternthal

‘One Huge Embrace of Hyper-Advocacy:’ On Henriette Chacar, Reuters Was Warned

"Her partisanship eschews objectivity and ethical news reporting, as she ceaselessly adopts the most extreme positions and smears Israel as a pariah state requiring elimination," CAMERA warned Reuters before Henriette Chacar started writing for the news agency. Her paean to a terrorist is the inevitable outcome of Reuters' failure to rein her in.

Terror in Jerusalem, Counter-Terror in Jenin, and False Moral Equivalency

While coming from different starting points, two journalistic misdeeds— drawing a false moral equivalency and applying a double standard — end up with the same reprehensible result: minimizing and obscuring Palestinian terrorism. Coverage of the deadly Palestinian terror attack outside a Jerusalem synagogue versus a fatal Israeli arrest raid in Jenin provide a case in point.

Haaretz Publishes ‘Palestine’ Map Erasing Israel

UPDATE: After publishing a 'Palestine' map erasing Israel, Haaretz editors amend the caption to appropriately attribute the false designation wiping Israel off the map to Sarendib, an organization which draws inspiration from a Hamas mass murderer.