Tamar Sternthal

      Trauma Apparent, Hamas Hidden: AP’s Portraits of Gazan Children

      Recalling The New York Times' "They Were Only Children" toxic libel, Associated Press' photo essay today all but ignores Hamas' responsibility for the trauma inflicts on Gaza's children. By citing "precision-guided Israeli bombs" and ignoring the Hamas targets, AP falsely defames Israel with committing a heinous war crime: targeting children with precision bombs.

      AP Answers Call of “Palestine Coverage” Crusaders

      The Associated Press, a leading news agency whose stated mission is "advancing the power of facts" with "world-class journalism," takes a page out of the open letter signed this month by hundreds of journalists against ethical journalism.

      Daily Beast Errs on Hamas Tunnels, Gaza Unemployment

      No, those cross-border Hamas tunnels into Israel aren't for "smuggling." Sébastien Roblin, a reporter specializing in international affairs, security and military history, also significantly overstates the territory's unemployment rate.

      In The New Republic, Dalia Hatuqa Pulverizes The Facts

      The most outrageous falsehood in Dalia Hatuqa's error-rife article is: "Gaza was pulverized by an 11-day-long Israeli bombardment in May." In fact, at most 0.2 percent (450) out of the territory's more than 186,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

      AP’s Muddled Coverage on Arson Attacks and Airstrikes

      Associated Press fails to make clear the fact that Israeli airstrikes against Hamas buildings in the Gaza Strip were in response to Palestinian arson balloon attacks which sparked some 20 fires southern Israel.