Tamar Sternthal

At UPI, Hang Glider Journalist Adam Schrader Shills For Hamas

Couch journalist Adam Schrader branches into a new speciality: hang glider journalism, or shilling for Hamas post-Oct. 7, 2023. Swooping in with great conviction and few facts, the international breaking news editor whitewashes and justifies Hamas' heinous atrocities.

CBS Falsely Reports U.S. Warned Israel Not To Attack Rafah

CBS's Deborah Patta falsely reported that Netanyahu "stubbornly refuses to listen" to his American interlocutors. But the Israeli Prime Minister's order to devise an evacuation plan for Rafah's civilians means that he listened very attentively. The U.S. exhorted Israel to prepare a solid plan to protect Rafah's civilians before carrying out a military operation. The Biden administration did not tell Israel not to attack Rafah.

The Hill Declining: Rising’s Jessica Burbank & The Peace-Loving Houthis

According to Jessica Burbank, the Houthis are peace activists targeting ships bringing weapons to Israel, some 23 percent of Gaza's young women have been sexually assaulted by IDF soldiers, Hamas doesn't operate in the West Bank and US intelligence agencies are wrong about Hamas' command center in Shifa hospital.

Snip, Snip: AP Cleans Up Slain Hamas Member Osaid Rimawi

AP runs more than 1200 words on the Israeli military's allegedly unprovoked fatal shooting of Osaid Rimawi, "a high school student studying to become a barber," never once mentioning that he was a Hamas member.

NPR Complicit in UNRWA Underreporting of Aid Trucks

Now that Israel has opened the Kerem Shalom crossing, UNRWA's Phillippe Lazzarini underreports the amount of aid passing through and ignores a new route for Jordanian aid. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly collegially plays along, repeatedly "correcting" President Herzog.