Algemeiner Corrects Caption on Deadly Terror Attack

CAMERA prompted corrections after a caption mistakenly referred to a deadly terror attack in Kiryat Arba as "attempted." In fact, as the accompanying article itself made clear, the Palestinian terrorist succeeded in fatally shooting Israeli Ronen Hanania.

Times of Israel Corrects: Jerusalem Bomber Isn’t Israeli

Times of Israel corrects after misidentifying Jerusalem bomber Eslam Froukh as an Israeli Arab. A resident of east Jerusalem who murdered two civilians in the Nov. 23 double-bombing, he does not have Israeli citizenship.

Deadly Standards: Bloody Days in Jenin Vs. Tel Aviv

AP highlights the fatal shooting of four Palestinian gunmen attacking Israeli troops as a "deadliest episode," even as the news agency downplays the fatalities' violence and terror affiliations. But the murder of three Israelis sitting in a Tel Aviv bar? Until CAMERA intervened, the only thing the wire service found deadly about that incident was the cops' killing of the Palestinian gunman "who attacked a bar."