False Quotes

CAMERA Op-Ed: The International Court of Justice Never Said That

In dozens of stories, AP committed one of the most egregious journalistic transgressions: misattributing a false quote to a source. Tamar Sternthal explains in Times of Israel how a bogus ICJ quote alleging “plausible risk of genocide” in Gaza found its way into AP reporting, and how CAMERA put an end to it.

Media Outlets Correct Yoav Gallant Misquote on Eliminating Hamas

Following last week's New York Times correction of Megan Stack's Op-Ed falsely quoting Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant calling for the annihilation of the Gaza Strip, CAMERA has prompted additional corrections at NPR, Salt Lake Tribune and The Telegraph (London).

CiF Watch Prompts Guardian Correction of Livni Quote

CiF Watch, a CAMERA affiliate, has prompted a Guardian correction of an Op-Ed in which Michael Brull truncated a quote by Tzipi Livni, misrepresenting her description of the Palestinian view on settlements as her own view.

New Year, New Precedent: Ha’aretz Corrects

CAMERA's Israeli staff prompts an unprecedent correction today at Ha'aretz. Akiva Eldar corrects his false claim that a Hebrew University poll found that 21 percent of settlers endorse the "use of arms" to resist settlement evacuations.

Chicago Tribune Corrects Misquote by UCSD’s Gary Fields

Gary Fields, an associate professor of communications at UC San Diego, "could not confirm the origin" of a quote he used to demonize Israel in the Tribune. That's because the quote, which was recently corrected by the New York Times and International Herald Tribune, is fabricated.