Allegations and Libels

CAMERA Op-Ed: The International Court of Justice Never Said That

In dozens of stories, AP committed one of the most egregious journalistic transgressions: misattributing a false quote to a source. Tamar Sternthal explains in Times of Israel how a bogus ICJ quote alleging “plausible risk of genocide” in Gaza found its way into AP reporting, and how CAMERA put an end to it.

These News Outlets Spread the “Plausible Genocide” Libel

When the International Court of Justice issued an order on January 26 in the “genocide” case between South Africa and Israel, it soon became common knowledge that the ICJ had found it “plausible” that Israel was committing “genocide.” This common knowledge, however, was in fact a myth.

Times of Israel Amends Erroneous Piece on Akleh Funeral

The Times of Israel updated its piece after suggesting police lied about being pelted with objects. The new piece reflects reporting that police prevented funeral attendees from making off with the casket against the family's wishes.