Guardian corrects: deletes claim Arab Israelis have no political representation

A Jan. 12th article in the Observer (sister site of the Guardian) on Sanaa Darawsha, Israel’s highest-ranking female Arab football referee, titled “The men were screaming. They made me feel I should not be a referee”, included the following paragraph:

We contacted the journalist, Sachin Nakrani, to object the false claims that Arab Israelis are “restricted” to specific areas in Israel, and that they have “little or no political representation”. 

He promptly responded to us on Twitter, via a private message, and acknowledged that the sentence with the word “restricted” was awkward, and that he didn’t actually mean to suggest that Arab Israelis are only allowed to live in certain cities.  Further, after we pointed out that the Arab Israeli party (The Joint List) is the third largest party in the Knesset, he agreed to delete the claim regarding Arabs political representation.

Shortly after the exchange, we confirmed that the words “there is little or no political representation” were removed. Though the paragraph is still quite problematic, we commend the journalist for his responsiveness to our concerns.

This post originally appeared at CAMERA’s UK Media Watch.

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