Land Issues:
Israeli, Palestinian and Bedouin

NYT Blunders on Jerusalem Building

The Times correctly reports on the Arab population growth in Israel's capital, but misrepresents the truth about the massive Arab building—both legal and illegal—within Jerusalem.

PC(USA) Promotes “Propaganda” Film

The Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly rescinded its previous decision to target Israel for "phased, selective divestment" in 2006, but its leaders are still offering a distorted narrative about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Peace Now’s Report on Settlement Land

How credible are the data and analysis in a new Peace Now report claiming that "a large proportion of the settlements built on the West Bank are built on privately owned Palestinian land"? 

Student Op-Ed in Carnegie Mellon Paper Gets Failing Grade

Hanadie Yousef, a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, published a column Oct. 17 in the school newspaper, the Tartan. The column, "Pullout from Gaza City is a Charade," repeated numerous falsehoods and canards which have earlier appeared in mainstream media outlets, some of which were subsequently corrected for the record. CAMERA awaits word as to whether the Tartan will correct as well.