CAMERA Op-Ed: The Palestinian Authority is Ill-Prepared to Govern Gaza

Israel is making staggering gains against Hamas. The Jewish state has near total control of northern Gaza, and many top Hamas commanders have been killed or fled. Still, the “day after” will bring new challenges.

Some policymakers have suggested that the Palestinian Authority, the U.S.-backed entity that rules the West Bank, should rule the Gaza Strip after the war. But the PA is poorly positioned to do so. The authority is dominated by the Fatah movement, Hamas’s longtime rival for power. The PA’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, is the head of Fatah, as well as the Palestine Liberation Organization. Abbas is 88 years old and is in the 18th year of a single elected four-year term as president.

(Read the rest of CAMERA’s Nov. 16, 2023 Op-Ed in the Washington Examiner)


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