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CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran-Israel War is Coming

War is coming to the Middle East. And as CAMERA tells The National Interest, it is going to be unlike any war in decades. Iran is close to becoming a nuclear power. And Israel will not allow that to happen.

CAMERA Op-Ed: How the Press Covered the First Israel-Lebanon War

June 2022 marks the fortieth anniversary of the IDF's Operation Peace for Galilee, in which Israeli forces entered Lebanon to deter and destroy Palestinian terrorists who were using the country to launch attacks. As CAMERA tells JNS, the war was a turning point for media coverage of the Jewish state.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Convicts Israel

A recent Washington Post investigation insinuated that Israeli Defense Forces killed Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh. Yet, the Post reached its verdict in advance, with some reporters accusing the IDF of a “cold-blooded murder” only hours after her death, before the facts were known.

The Washington Post, ‘Electrical Engineers,’ and Antisemites

The Washington Post's recent story cited an “electrical engineer and activist,” using him to steer the story. In fact, he's a known anti-Israel activist with a documented history of associating with antisemites. To the Post this makes him a trusted source. That's “journalism” in 2022.

For the Washington Post, Jewish Pride is a Provocation

The Washington Post's coverage of Israel's recent Jerusalem Day reveals the newspaper's bias against the Jewish state. The Post failed, yet again, to discern the true source of the Israel-Islamist conflict: Palestinian rejection of Jewish social and political equality.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Leonard Cohen Heads to War

Matti Friedman's latest book, Who By Fire, chronicles the singer Leonard Cohen's trip to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner magazine, both Cohen and the Jewish state were facing an existential crisis.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The U.S. State Department and Antisemitism

Despite earlier criticisms, the U.S. State Department has decided to treat Amnesty International as a credible source. And as CAMERA told the Algemeiner, it isn't the first instance of Foggy Bottom giving undue credibility to antisemites. Rather, it is more evidence of a long-running pattern.
An Iranian Revolutionary Guard cadet with Israeli flag on sole of shoe

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Rise of Hezbollah

Today Hezbollah is the largest and most well-equipped terrorist organization in the world, with a presence on nearly every continent. But as CAMERA tells The National Interest, the group's rise can be traced back to the winter and early spring months of 1992, three decades ago.