Terrorism, Terrorists
and Terrorist Groups

ISIS May Possess Chemical Weapons on Syrian-Israel Border

An affiliate of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), called the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, may possess chemical weapons near the Syrian-Israeli border. Yet, the U.N. seems intent on ignoring this threat to the Jewish state.

CAMERA Expert and Journalists Collide at Knesset Meeting

Along with foreign journalists, CAMERA's Tamar Sternthal was invited to testify at a Knesset subcommittee meeting on media bias. Do the reporters' proclamations of professionalism and objectivity hold up to scrutiny?

The New York Times, the “Newspaper of Broken Record”

NY TimesJodi Rudoren's  "East Jerusalem, Bubbling Over With Despair" is yet another tiresome example of the New York Times whitewashing Palestinian terrorism, omitting material facts, and just generally getting the story wrong about Israel and about the Palestinians.