Terrorism, Terrorists
and Terrorist Groups

AFP Corrects: Entebbe Hijackers Singled Out Jews

CAMERA again prompts correction of an AFP article which incorrectly stated that the Entebbe hijackers singled out Israelis, keeping them hostage. In fact, the Palestinian and German terrorists singled out Jews, both Israelis and non-Israelis.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Media and the Missing Abu Jihad

A new generation of Palestinian leaders are rising to the fore. Committed to terrorism, the media seems equally committed to ignoring their ascendance, as CAMERA notes in The Washington Jewish Week.

CAMERA Op-Ed: How Terrorists and Tyrants Do PR

Terrorist groups have their own public relations methods. And they involve controlling, intimidating and blindfolding the press, as CAMERA notes in The Washington Examiner.

The Making of a Terrorist

On Aug. 2, 2017, a Palestinian teenager savagely stabbed a man stocking shelves in a Yavne supermarket, leaving the victim fighting for his life. Instead of portraying such brutality as "lone wolf" attacks, as the media often does, CAMERA suggests journalists examine the connection between Palestinian summer camps and the making of a terroist.