Hamas: We Are Targeting The Airport. Wall Street Journal: Hamas Unlikely To Target Passengers

An otherwise important and informative Wall Street Journal video, “While Missiles Fly, Flights Land: How Israel’s Airport Stays Open,” erroneously reports that Hamas is not likely to target passenger jets.

In fact, the designated terror organization just days earlier fired a barrage of rockets at Israel’s main airport, and boasted of doing so. Sirens at the airport warning of incoming Palestinian rocket fire have sent passengers running for safety several times in recent days.

At 4:43 minutes into the video, the narrator states: “While neither Hamas nor Israel is likely to intentionally target civilian aircraft, according to Matt there’s still a risk that an aircraft could be shot down if it’s misidentified as a missile or other threat.”

While there is zero chance that Israel would target a civilian aircraft (the notion is even more absurd in light of the fact that the video is talking about Israel’s own airport!), Hamas indeed fired barrages at the airport and boasted about targeting the airport. As CNN reported (“Explosions heard in central Israel as Hamas claims to target Ben-Gurion airport“):

Hamas has claimed it is targeting the Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel’s international hub, which is located just outside Tel Aviv.

The Izzedine al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said in a statement that the “missile barrage was in response to the continuing crimes and targeting of civilian homes.”

Oct. 7, Hamas’ aspirations to inflict maximum terror and fatalities among civilians — women, children, elderly — were on full, bloody display. Hitting a passenger jet is completely in line with that goal.
CAMERA has contacted the Wall Street Journal, requesting clarification of the video to report that Hamas, the terror organization which just over one week ago brutally slaughtered hundreds of civilians, has, in fact, fired barrages of rockets at Israel’s main airport and has boasted of targeting it. Stay tuned for any updates.

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