CNN Continues Erasing Palestinian Terrorism in Judea & Samaria

Why is Jewish violence newsworthy, but not violence against Jews? That is the question to be asked of CNN, at least regarding its coverage of Judea & Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank.

The network consistently reports on the deaths of Palestinians during Israeli security operations as well as alleged settler violence incidents. Just as consistently, however, CNN omits stories on Palestinian terrorism and violence.

Take, for example, CNN’s November 10 article, “14 killed in West Bank city of Jenin after Israeli incursion, Palestinian health ministry says.” The author, Zeena Saifi, writes: “The Israeli-Gaza war has increasingly spilled over into the West Bank with settler attacks and clashes leaving hundreds of Palestinians dead.”

This statement is inaccurate in multiple ways. For one, the violence began long before the “Israeli-Gaza war.” As CAMERA has already documented, there has been a surge in Palestinian violence in Judea & Samaria which far outpaces and preceded a smaller spike in “settler violence.”

Elisheva Rose Ida Lubin, the 20-year-old American-Israeli killed in a November 6, 2023 terror attack.

It’s also egregiously inaccurate by way of omitting Palestinian violence. There is not a single mention of the surge in Palestinian attacks in Judea & Samaria since the October 7 Hamas-led massacre of Israelis. A review of CNN’s online reporting yields no results about the attacks just over the last few days including, for example, a November 8 Palestinian shooting attack targeting a vehicle with two parents and their 5-month-old girl, leaving two of them wounded, one of them seriously. The November 6 killing of an Israeli police officer, 20-year-old American-Israeli Elisheva Rose Ida Lubin, is absent from CNN’s website. There’s no mention of the thwarted attack in Ofra on November 7, in which a Palestinian terrorist was seen on camera trying to infiltrate the community with a knife.

Indeed, there have been dozens of significant attacks over recent weeks, including many shooting attacks on civilians and soldiers, and even indiscriminately toward Jewish homes. There have also been improvised explosive device attacks, numerous knife attacks, and ramming attacks.

Why is Palestinian violence against Israelis in Judea & Samaria not newsworthy? Why is CNN so resistant to giving its audience the full story?

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