The New York Times Misleads With Hamas Propaganda Lines

NYT's David Halbfinger abandons the role of objective news analyst to parrot Hamas propaganda lines attacking Israel, suggesting in his own words that Israelis use "disproportionate" force against innocent demonstrators. 

AP Terms Hamas Attack Tunnels ‘Smuggling Routes’

AP fails to correct an erroneous reference to Hamas' tunnels from Gaza into Israel as "smuggling routes," leaving the error in place at several media outlets. Times of Israel, on the other hand, commendably amends, now accurately referring to "attack tunnels."

Ties Exist Between Hamas-linked Charities and BDS

A former U.S. Treasury Department terror analyst testified before the U.S. Congress on ties between the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and Hamas-linked charities.

On Newseum Scandal, Open Zion Destroys Months-Old Straw Man

By pretending that all criticism of Newseum hinges on the idea that Hamas members were legitimate targets, Raphael Magarik avoid seriously dealing with Newseum's decision to consider employees of a violent, hate-peddling terrorist organization honorable "journalists."

Human Rights Watch Goes to Bat for Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV

Journalists, academics and the public look to human rights groups for guidance in assigning responsibility for the violence and misery inflicted on civilians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But objective information is not what they get.

London Review of Books Cheerleads for Hamas

Adam Shatz cheerleads for Hamas in his recent piece in The London Review of Books. Israel is blamed for the November flare up and Hamas is adjudged the victor.