Washington Post Contributor Celebrates Oct. 7 Massacre


Hajar Harb is a London-based reporter who, according to her LinkedIn profile, served as a “collaborating journalist with the Washington Post” for the last two decades. During the October 7th massacre, she celebrated the events in a series of social media posts which have since been deleted. Below are screenshots captured and translated by CAMERA Arabic.

Here is her Facebook cover photo from October 8th featuring Hamas terrorists inside an Israeli city:

In the next screenshot, the Washington Post contributor writes: “On top of [any] loss amongst them is [like] flowers, just the number is beautiful.” What she means is that in addition to the fact that such a large death toll among Israelis is lovely in itself (“like flowers”), the huge number is also beautiful to look at, which at the time was around 600. Another translation can be: “Although the flowers are a waste on them [the dead Israelis], just the number [of dead] is sweet.” Both possible translations capture her core intention: namely, a celebration of Israeli death. 

In the next screenshot, she is responding to footage of Israeli elderly victim Yafa Adar who was kidnapped and taken into Gaza. The Washington Post contributor mocks the victim: “See this place ma’am? Allah willing, you’ll remain inside with us for a while.” 

In the following screenshot from Harb’s Facebook profile, the Washington Post contributor mocks Shiri, Ariel and Kfir Bibas with an image of the kidnapping of the young family by Hamas. She writes in Arabic: “Enter [captivity] off the right foot, sister. Instead of anything [like that] she goes ‘I want my children’, ‘I want my children’, go ahead, [this is] your home and your spot, you and your children.”

When she sees a picture of Hamas terrorists storming an Israeli home, the Washington Post contributor writes in the post below: “And this is how we say good morning, seriously.” 

Finally, upon seeing Hamas terrorists invading an Israeli city, the Washington Post contributor celebrates the image with this comment: “Enjoy your view. The sun rose by the light of its Lord.” 


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