CAMERA Op-Ed: Hamas’ Strategy? Human Sacrifice

The Israel Defense Forces have launched a ground invasion of Gaza. And Hamas has a clear strategy: Sacrifice as many Palestinians in Gaza as possible. And the terrorist group will be counting on the media to help.

The Oct. 7 massacre of more than 1,400 Israeli civilians by Hamas and other Iranian proxies has presented Jerusalem with an undeniable imperative. For 16 years, the Jewish state has counted on limited wars and strikes to reduce Hamas capabilities.

The failure of that strategy, known as “mowing the grass,” was apparent as Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel and livestreamed their barbarity. Children were burned alive. Babies were shot in their car seats and strollers; women were gang-raped on the corpses of their friends. At one music festival, more than 260 civilians were slaughtered.

The terrorists were proud of their acts. Not only did they film their atrocities, but they also called their families to brag. One terrorist, using the phone of an Israeli woman he had just murdered, phoned his parents: “Dad, I killed 10 Jews with my own hands!” he proudly proclaimed. “I killed 10! Ten! Please be proud of me, Dad.” The terrorist promised to send them footage over WhatsApp.

And Hamas’ cruelty extends to its own people.

(Note: Read the rest of CAMERA’s Oct. 31, 2023 Washington Times Op-Ed here)

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