CAIR Spokesman Falsely Implies Jewish Responsibility for Murder in U.S.

Anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic activists whose life’s mission it is to delegitimize the Jewish state have been going through a rough patch as they’ve seen Western support for their mission drop in the wake of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists on civilians in Israel — including the targeting of infants in their cribs and of the elderly and infirm, of women and children, as well as men who were either brutalized, tortured, raped, burnt alive, decapitated, massacred or taken hostage — all as a means of achieving Hamas’ stated goal of annihilating the Jewish state and its Jewish residents. The date of the Palestinian terrorist invasion, Oct. 7, 2023, marked the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.    

To be sure, there are still some supporters in the West who celebrate the carnage in Israel unleashed by the terrorists and others who justify the massacres, but the vast majority of Americans and international leaders have expressed solidarity with Israel –lighting up landmarks all over the U.S., as well as in Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Madrid in Israel’s blue and white colors. They understand and have expressed recognition of the existential threat faced by Israel from its neighboring, Palestinian genocidal terrorist regime and the Palestinian leaders who refuse to condemn its savage actions.

Ever since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack awakened this sense of solidarity with Israel, the anti-Zionist activists have been urgently scrambling to shift the narrative, justifying Hamas actions as “the right of colonized people…to resist the occupation of their land by whatever means they deem necessary,” attacking “the governments of the colonial West for… hypocritically standing with apartheid Israel and duly adopting its deceptive timeline of the current ‘violence’ as if it all began on Saturday with the powerful armed reaction of the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza” and trying to change the conversation to condemning the Israeli Defense Force’s targeting of Hamas strongholds and weaponry even while trying their best to avoid civilian collateral deaths — by falsely branding Israel’s actions as war crimes.

In the midst of all this, a brutal murder took place in the U.S. The victims were a 6-year-old, innocent Palestinian boy stabbed to death and his mother, who was injured in a stabbing by his family’s deranged landlord who entertained paranoid delusions about the Palestinian Muslim family killing him after reportedly hearing news stories about the massacres by Palestinian terrorists in Israel. 

Enter the anti-Zionist activists who cynically exploited the tragic event for their own purposes as they attempted to attack Israel and connect it to Israeli military actions. Ahmed Rehab , Executive Director of the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and CAIR’s National Strategic Communications Director, spoke at a press conference alongside the family members of the victims where he essentially blamed the support expressed for Israel and condemnation of Hamas actions as contributing to the murder and tried to turn the conversation to allegations of  crimes by Israel. He said:

“I blame the murderer for the murder, but also I ask all people of conscience, I ask our leaders, I ask our media to what extent …was [the murderer] radicalized and brainwashed by this lopsided, one-sided atmosphere that has fanned the flames of hatred against Muslims and Palestinians. And just as the families of these Palestinian-American citizens back in Gaza and in Palestine are suffering from what is now being called war crimes – blanket bombings, etc. – and this boy, this family who sought refuge in the United States  have now been stabbed – one is killed and one is in serious condition, we fear for her life.  And I was speaking to the father and he said part of the reason we came here was to escape the settler-violence in which situations like this could occur with impunity, and it chased us all the way to the United States.”

Rehab used his platform to attack not only Israel and its supporters, but he impugned Jews, as well, for the murder by insinuating, without an iota of evidence, that the murderer, Joseph Czuba, was a Jew. In fact, he was not. (Czuba and his wife belong to a Catholic church in Plainfield, Ill.) Nor was there ever any indication that the perpetrator was of Jewish background. But the opportunity to delegitimize the Jewish state and its Jewish supporters was too good to miss, so despite any evidence, the CAIR spokesman inferred that the murderer  was a Jew radicalized by the news reporting from Israel.

Lest anyone still doubts that anti-Semitism is inherent in the anti-Zionist narrative depicting Jews in Israel as settler-colonialists responsible for all the violence in the Middle East and Jewish supporters responsible for violence elsewhere in the world, and lest they doubt the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic agenda of CAIR, just listen to its spokesman’s words and innuendo. Watch below.


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