Ricki Hollander

      CAMERA Op-Ed: The Debate Over Anti-Jewish Boycott

      Since his passing, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, renowned for his fight against South African's apartheid and racism, has been widely eulogized for his accomplishments.  Less mentioned was his call for a global boycott of the Jewish state.  Such calls, even under the guise of human rights, hide an underlying anti-Semitism. In order to weigh both sides of the debate about anti-Jewish boycott and understand why so many seek to combat it, one must be familiar with the boycott’s history.

      UPDATED: Barnes & Noble Takes Action on Offensive Books

      As the generation of  survivors and first-hand witnesses to the Holocaust pass on, the void is being filled by neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers who peddle their anti-Semitic lies through mainstream online book vendors, like Barnes & Noble.

      Mission: Hebron (Original title: HaMesima Hevron) (Short 2020)

      Written and Directed by Rona Segal; Produced by Idit Klinger, Kobi Mizrahi; Distributed by New York Times Op-Doc; Hebrew, English with English subtitles; 22 minutes
      The film purports to show reluctant soldier whistleblowers divulging tales of Israeli military and settler brutality but in fact it is just more slanderous propaganda from Breaking the Silence.

      The New York Times, Breaking the Silence and a Film About Hebron

      It is no wonder the New York Times' recent Op-Doc (op-ed documentary film) about Israel was a biased Breaking the Silence film that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel's military and Hebron’s Jewish residents. After all, the film represents the current mindset at a newspaper committed to villifying the Jewish state, its leaders and institutions.

      CAMERA Op-Ed: Who is Trying to Mainstream Holocaust Denial and How?

      Target's removal of two dozen Holocaust-denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy books marketed on its website, in the wake of CAMERA's exposé is commendable, as its apology for its “error in having these books available on Target.com,” but it is only once chapter of a disturbing story whose conclusion is not yet obvious.

      Updated: Target Removes Holocaust Denial Books Following CAMERA’s Exposè

      Increasing assaults on Holocaust memory and the concomitant rise in anti-Semitism is not limited to Europe, but is being mainstreamed in the U.S., including by one of America’s largest retail corporations that is part of the S&P 500 index -- Target. Whether through choice, negligence or ignorance, Target has allowed its online bookselling platform to become a repository of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism by an international coterie of Holocaust deniers.

      UPDATED: “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP): What the Media is Concealing

      What is "Jewish Voice for Peace"? It is an anti-Semitic hate group that masquerades as a Jewish social justice, peace-promoting organization and the mainstream media has been derelict in covering up for it. CAMERA's backgrounder, which has been expanded and updated, evidences the destructive, hate-mongering nature of the group, most recently with a September 10th instagram message that demonstrates its radical anti-Jewish bigotry.

      NPR Promotes Palestinian Narrative on Jerusalem

      Nowhere is NPR's skewed reporting as obvious as in its coverage of Jerusalem. Misrepresentations about Israeli policy in Jerusalem were followed by a broadcast that bolstered the Hamas pretext for rocketing population centers inside Israel – namely, the “defense” of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa.

      NPR Slipping Back to Its Anti-Israel, Biased Reporting

      In July so far, NPR aired at least three problematic reports, that shared a common thread –  omitting context and hearing from anti-Israel activists to blame Israel for dispossessing and discriminating against Palestinians and stirring conflict. It was a throwback to the NPR of the past.