Ricki Hollander

CAIR Spokesman Falsely Implies Jewish Responsibility for Murder in U.S.

Lest anyone still doubts that anti-Semitism is inherent in the anti-Zionist narrative depicting Jews in Israel as settler-colonialists responsible for all the violence in the Middle East and Jewish supporters responsible for violence elsewhere in the world, and lest they doubt the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic agenda of CAIR, listen to its spokesman's words.

NYT Senses Moment to Demonize Jewish Settlers

Reporters Patrick Kingsley and Raja Abdulrahim expand their enterprise of vilifying Israel as the culprit in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict by focusing on Israeli settlers.

Antisemitism and the New York Times

The NYT recently published its10th article taking aim at Hasidic schools since September, in addition to a lengthy editorial and other features accusing that community of wrongdoing. CAMERA points out the cognitive biases and lack of evidence that mar the report, as well as the risk of fueling grievances against a community that is increasingly targeted with antisemitic assaults.

NYT Guest Essay: Propaganda in the Guise of Health Scholarship

Despite touting her scholarship and research, guest essayist Yara Asi provided nothing more than a clichéd menu of agitprop, devoid of both scholarship and research. It was the sort that's generally served up by the least sophisticated of anti-Israel propagandists.   

NPR Shows Its Bias Yet Again

Recent NPR broadcasts continue to echo Palestinian propaganda, blaming Israel for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and downgrading the Jewish claim to its holiest site.

New York Times Joins the Food Battle Against Israel

One of the most absurd fronts in an ongoing Arab/Palestinian war on Israel’s legitimacy is the inane fight about who owns the original recipe of popular food. It is part of a larger campaign conducted by detractors of the Jewish state. And the New York Times has, once again, weighed in with a story that highlights their views.

Yom Kippur in Israel by the New York Times

In the New York Times, an article about the observance of Judaism's holiest day, Yom Kippur, becomes a vehicle for eroding Israel's legitimacy as a Jewish state.