CAMERA Challenges Washington Post’s Pro-Hamas Bias with Mobile Billboard Campaign


CAMERA has launched a billboard truck campaign outside the Washington Post headquarters, challenging the newspaper for uncritically parroting Hamas propaganda during its coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Click here or here to see video footage of our truck circling the area around the Washington Post office. 

The campaign features a few ads, such as the image here, which portrays a Hamas terrorist alongside three truths: “Hamas is a terror group. Hamas controls the Gaza Health Ministry. Why is the Washington Post parroting Hamas’ casualty numbers?”

Other ads place the Washington Post logo on a parrot, symbolizing how the paper has been “parroting” Hamas’ propaganda. The billboard urges viewers to “Tell the Washington Post to stop parroting Hamas lies about Israel,” emphasizing the term “parroting.”

CAMERA initiated the campaign due to concerns about the Washington Post’s reliance on Hamas-provided casualty figures, notably those from the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. CAMERA Senior Analyst Sean Durns remarked, “Relying on casualty counts provided by Hamas-run institutions is akin to trusting a fox to guard a henhouse.”

Durns added, “It is well-documented that Hamas has a vested interest in controlling the narrative surrounding civilian casualties to advance its propaganda objectives, and yet much of the Washington Post’s reporting omits this well-known fact.”

The campaign aims to raise public awareness about biased reporting by the Washington Post on the conflict that began following Palestinian terrorist attacks on October 7. CAMERA encourages the public to critically examine news reports.

Andrea Levin, CAMERA executive director, expressed concern about the Washington Post’s failure to acknowledge the conflict of interest in trusting casualty figures from an entity controlled by a terrorist group, stating, “It raises serious questions about the paper’s commitment to unbiased reporting.”

Despite credible warnings from U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and former Reuters Jerusalem bureau chief Luke Baker about the unreliability of information from Hamas, the Washington Post continues to perpetuate unverified claims from the terrorist organization.

Sean Durns contended, “By relying on info from Hamas, the Washington Post is misleading people about the conflict, and contributing to a misleading portrayal of Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties.”

Contrary to the narrative presented by Hamas and the Washington Post, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have undertaken extensive efforts to protect civilians. By October 20, the IDF had made over 20,000 phone calls, distributed 1.5 million leaflets, sent more than 4.4 million texts, and left over six million voice messages urging Gazans to evacuate areas targeted by Hamas. More than 800,000 individuals heeded these warnings, with IDF footage widely available.

Levin concluded, “The Washington Post’s failure to critically examine the information it disseminates compromises journalistic integrity.”

CAMERA’s mobile billboard campaign is circling the Washington Post headquarters and crowded areas around K Street, aiming to reach an estimated 100,000 people daily.

We are currently confronted with a critical challenge: ensuring that our impactful message resonates not only with the public but, significantly, with the journalists and editors at the Washington Post. The mobile billboard plays a pivotal role in our efforts to counter biased coverage.

The financial burden of sustaining prominent and influential billboards is substantial, and we need your help to keep them going. Your generous donation will directly contribute to the ongoing success of this vital awareness campaign, allowing us to address pro-Hamas bias in the American media.

Together, we have the ability to make a meaningful difference. Please visit our donation page by clicking here to make a secure online contribution. Also, please consider spreading the word about our campaign challenging the Washington Post for parroting Hamas propaganda.

Thank you for standing with us in this critical moment.

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