Detroit News Corrects False Claim About “200 Settlements,” WSJ Does Not

Nov. 17 – The Detroit News today corrected an inaccurate headline after CAMERA brought the mistake to the attention of editors. 
The headline had claimed Israel approved “200 new settlements.” The AP article that followed, however, correctly noted that Israel had approved 200 additional homes in the Ramot neighborhood, across the green line in northern Jerusalem.
When informed of the error, editors quickly amended the headline, which now reads “Israel OKs 200 new homes in settlement,” and appended the following straightforward correction:
Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Israel approved 200 new settlements; the headline has been corrected.
It is that easy to adhere to the journalistic guidelines calling for accuracy, and for forthright corrections of mistakes when they are inevitably made. So why hasn’t the Wall Street Journal corrected its own version of the “new settlements” error?
In a Oct. 28  headline, the Journal claimed “new settlements” were planned for Jerusalem. But again, in actuality Israel had approved the building of new housing units in existing neighborhoods, and zero new settlements. Editors were informed of the error, but the false headline remains and continues to mislead readers.

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