Washington Post Corrects: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

CAMERA’s Washington D.C. office has prompted correction of a Washington Post article which had incorrectly identified Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. The error and correction follow:
Error (Washington Post, Ruth Eglash and Liz Sly, 3/20/14): . . . .Wednesday’s airstrikes raised tensions directly between Tel Aviv and Damascus.

Correction (3/22/14): A March 20 A-section article about Israeli airstrikes on Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights incorrectly implied that Tel Aviv is the seat of the Israeli government. The Israeli government is based in Jerusalem.

The Washington Post has commendably also corrected the article online, and has visibly inserted the correction right at the top of the article.
CAMERA commends The Post for the prompt and forthright correction. See here for previous Post corrections prompted by CAMERA.

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