Charles Sennott

Sennott Still Looking for Crazies After All These Years

Twenty years ago, Charles Sennott was worried about Christian Zionists bringing about terrible violence on the Temple Mount. It didn’t happen. Today he’s worried about Christian Zionists being on the winning side of a political debate over moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

NPR Cover-Up

In the last terrible days of March 2002, National Public Radio continued its long pattern of sharply underreporting and depersonalizing violence against the people of that nation while emphasizing the feelings, perspectives and accusations of the Palestinians.

CAMERA Op-Ed in Wall Street Journal: “The Real Story on Israel”

Why has the Middle East peace process degenerated into undeclared warfare, with Palestinian suicide bombers targeting Israelis, and Israel apparently contemplating unprecedented retaliation? You wouldn't be aware of the facts if you wouldn't be aware of them if you got your information from much of the Western media.

Tanks for Nothing

The front page story by the Boston Globe's Charles Sennott was heartrending. The reporter had traveled to a Gaza refugee camp to interview Hakma Abu Gharoud, who explained that on the very day of Israel's declaration of independence, May 15, 1948, she and her family had been driven from their peaceful town in the Negev by Israeli tanks...