Saturday, March 24, 2018
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CAMERA Prompts NYT Correction of Camp David Error

A September 22, 2012 story by David P. Kirkpatrick and Steven Erlanger mischaracterized elements of the 1978 Camp David Accords, indicating the Israeli military was required to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza ahead of Palestinian self-rule. The sequence was backwards. Israel was to withdraw after elections for self-governance. The Palestinians rejected the accords completely and never entered into any discussions.
Error :  (New York Times, 9/22/12 "Egypt's New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties") But he [Morsi] also argued that Americans “have a special responsibility” for the Palestinians because the United States had signed the 1978 Camp David accord. The agreement called for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the West Bank and Gaza to make way for full Palestinian self-rule.
“As long as peace and justice are not fulfilled for the Palestinians, then the treaty remains unfulfilled,” he said.
Correction: (9/25/12) An earlier version of this article referred incompletely to the1978 Camp David accord. As that version correctly stated, the accord called for an Israeli withdrawal from occupied territory to make way for Palestinian autonomy. But it should also have noted that an Israeli withdrawal would come after Palestinians took steps toward self-rule that were not implemented as the accord had envisioned.

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