Monday, February 19, 2018
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Media Analyses

Thumbs Up to Jennifer Griffin

THUMBS UP to Fox news correspondent Jennifer Griffin for her day-to-day professionalism, in which she outshines her colleagues by offering viewers consistent direct reporting of events without editorializing.

For instance, she avoids the common pitfall of applying the vague, euphemistic language of "cycle of violence" to describe Palestinian terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians versus Israelís hunting down of those who plan and carry out these attacks.

Griffin is also very fair in presenting both sides of the story. In reporting on Israelís West Bank incursions in early June, she states: "The Palestinians argue the ongoing humiliation results in more attacks on Israel, but Israel says in the process soldiers found two bomb-making facilities that they blew up."

And, when the facts support one sideís claims over the otherís, she is sure to report that. In the same June 3 broadcast, for example, she reports:

Well, there are very confusing signals coming out of the Palestinian Authority, and from Arafat. . . . So far, he has been criticized by all of his domestic critics for ruling by decree, and that is basically what we have seen him do tonight–when he overruled–using the cabinet as cover, basically–he overruled the judiciary. So, he says one thing and does another, and thatís Israelís criticism of Arafat all the time.

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