BBC Airs Smear That Israel Restricts Medical Equipment in Gaza

BBC World Service host, Julian Marshall, interviews a Palestinian doctor, Tarek Loubani, who states,

I’ve been working there for about the last five years and while I was there we had patients coming in — no equipment because the siege has gotten so bad even though it’s medical equipment — and we had to listen to patients’ chests by putting our ears to their chests which is what we would have done 200 years ago.

There is of course no “siege” on the Gaza Strip and no restrictions that are imposed by Israel on the entry of medical equipment, as it has unfortunately been necessary to point out here on numerous prior occasions due to inaccurate BBC reporting on that issue.  Shortages of medications and medical equipment in the Gaza Strip are due to long-standing disputes between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.
Furthermore, the BBC conceals the fact that Loubani is no ordinary “physician.” He is an activist associated with the radical anti-Israel group, the International Solidarity Movement, a cult-like group that recruits naive young westerners to interfere with Israeli operations against terrorists. He has also run afoul of Egyptian authorities, where he was arrested in 2013.

Read the entire article published in the Algemeiner. Also check out BBC Watch for numerous examples of the BBC’s distorted coverage of Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians.

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