CAMERA Op-Ed: The Philadelphia Inquirer Hides Antisemitism—Again

Antisemitism, The Philadelphia Inquirer warned in 2018, is “rising.” But the newspaper is doing its best to hide what it once acknowledged was a growing problem. Indeed, the Inquirer has launched nothing short of an advocacy campaign on behalf of a woman who once said that “Israel doesn’t have a right to exist.”

On August 23, 2022, the Inquirer filed a dispatch entitled, “She was fired for being publicly pro-Palestine. One year later, no one is hiring her.” However, in more than 1,600 words, reporter Massarah Makati failed to inform readers that Natalie Abulhawa, a one-time private school teacher, was fired for not only saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist, but for attending rallies where signs read “Jews control the U.S. Senate.” That seems like an important detail.

Instead, the Inquirer portrays Abulhawa as being fired for purely being “pro-Palestinian.” The newspaper posits her dismissal as being part of a dastardly plot to silence “pro-Palestinian” voices.

But Abulhawa isn’t “pro-Palestinian.” Nor can it be fairly said that she is merely critical of Israel. Her own statements, readily available to the Inquirer, show otherwise.

(Note: Read the rest of CAMERA’s Aug. 24, 2022 Algemeiner Op-Ed here)

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